But our machines are going to save you many long hours of hard labour.

You can’t buy time but making your time more productive is a question of using the right tools. Nowadays, in addition precision and efficiency, there is a range of electric and rechargeable machinery and tools that have evolved for practicality and how easy they are to use. The range is so vast that it includes the most functional and easy-to-use tools for occasional use, right through the most sophisticated ones for professional use.

Therefore, because of their use and demand, Juliá pinturas y decoración specialises in all types of quality professional machinery. We work with leading brands in the market so that you’ll find a wide range of products (and accessories for each one) in our stores, ready to bring efficiency in masonry, painting and cleaning work:

  • Cleaning machinery: adjustable angle grinders, compressors with different capacity and size, and modern hydro-cleaners.
  • Painting machinery: from sanding machines and booms to various pneumatic tools, such as spray guns.
  • All types of painter’s tools: sandblasting, silica or mixing machines and guns.

But simply having efficient tools isn’t enough. Even the best machine on the market will lose efficiency if it’s not right for your work or you don’t use it correctly. That’s why Juliá pinturas y decoración provides extra efficiency: our members of staff. They’ll advise on brands, accessories, products and any other technical question when it comes to painting tools and their use.

We also complement this efficiency with an effective post-sales service – a department designed to provide solutions to problems quickly. Because however much machinery evolves, they always require good use and human support.

Let’s talk

Who said nothing is done with words? When they are to bring us together and find solutions together, yes. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to offer you technical advice, to assist you in your installations and to solve any question related to painting, nautical painting or decoration. No matter how small (or big) it is, let’s talk!

Are you looking for a professional for your reform?

You’re one click away from finding it. Juliá pinturas y decoración puts its expert painters and flooring installers at your service. Because even the best product requires the expert hand of a good professional to obtain optimum results. All you have to do is ask: we will put you in the best hands.

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