There’s no colour, texture or finish we can’t handle.

The time we have spent in working in the paint sector has allowed us to recognise common problems and search for solutions to them. Training, curiosity and our restless, nonconformist spirit have done the rest to make us specialists. And just like that, with training and recycling, learning by ‘peeling back the layers’, Pinturas Juliá has gained trust among some of the best paint brands in the market, loyalty from customers and support from the best professionals.

We’re not satisfied with stocking our shelves with ‘adequate products’. Nor with having a paint shop where customers walk around randomly until they find (or don’t find) what they’re looking for. On the contrary. We’re always ready to help find what you need and advise in terms of aesthetics, function and ease of use.

The perfect colour does exist. And we have the formula.

There are many ‘perfect’ colours for spaces, tastes and points of view – and we have them all! We know that the perfect paint is one that covers and lasts the test of time. But nothing really matters if the colour and finish aren’t exactly right. So, in addition to offering real examples of highly decorative paints from every brand (stuccoes, oxidised, metallic…), we have a colorimetry department.

The main objective of this department is to create colours with the utmost precision, which is something we’re able to offer thanks to a tool that creates the exact colour from a sample. The spectrophotometer (that’s its real name) works by analysing a sample of any given colour (can be an object, photo, magazine cut-out, fabric…). From this reading, it calculates its composition and creates a formula for an identical colour that we can package up for you, in a tin or spray, with the paint finish and quality you want. Even for boats. This precision allows us to create the perfect colour, and we keep the formula, so you’ll always have it to hand. Just like magic!

Let’s talk

Who said nothing is done with words? When they are to bring us together and find solutions together, yes. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to offer you technical advice, to assist you in your installations and to solve any question related to painting, nautical painting or decoration. No matter how small (or big) it is, let’s talk!

Are you looking for a professional for your reform?

You’re one click away from finding it. Juliá pinturas y decoración puts its expert painters and flooring installers at your service. Because even the best product requires the expert hand of a good professional to obtain optimum results. All you have to do is ask: we will put you in the best hands.

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