In prevention just as much as repair. However, it’s with prevention and maintenance that we make sure we don’t have to spend lots on repairs. Maintenance largely depends on safety when navigating. In Majorca, Juliá pinturas y decoración make it easy for you: we stock a range of products from the best brands and we are always ahead of trends and formulas that help you get the most out of your boat – increasing its safety and lifetime.

Productos Osmosis Pinturas Juliá
Products for osmosis.

Having spent years studying the problems that cause osmosis, we are specialists in the field. So, as well as knowing the best and most effective products and brands out there, we have the means to detect which is the most adequate for every case. It’s a system that allows us to carry out a study of prevention and repair. We can understand the state of the fibres and detect problems caused by damp. We have staff at every store who are specifically trained on osmosis. And thanks to them, we can carry out a precise diagnosis and assess which is the most adequate painting system for every case. Furthermore, our staff also advise at all the Hempel-certified stores in Majorca.

Productos Acabados Pinturas Juliá
Topcoat products

Every part of the boat needs a suitable protective product. And the selection at Juliá pinturas y decoración covers every eventuality. If you also need the technical specifications of each base (sealants and resins), we can advise on paint systems (of one or various components) and topcoats (synthetic or polyurethane varnishes).

We also have a spectrophotometer: a tool that reads the exact colour of the underwater body to reproduce it as a single component, synthetic enamel or as two components (such as polyurethane topcoats).

Productos Antiincrustantes Antifouling Pinturas Juliá
Antifouling products.

We also stock a wide range of antifouling products and work with cutting-edge brands that offer us the newest and all solution types. We have self-polishing antifouling, hard antifouling and antifouling with nanotechnology. But one of the newest and best antifouling products is silicone. Made of silicone and hydrogel, this ‘flagship’ product boasts unique characteristics:

– It produces less friction in water, which in turn saves on fuel.

– It’s not a pollutant (doesn’t contain biocides).

Productos Tratamientos Reparación Madera Pinturas Juliá
Products to treat and repair wood

It’s normal to have doubts about using sealants, silicones, varnishes or teak oil as each wood requires a specific product. But within our range of products, you’ll find a specific one to treat every surface of the deck, according to its use and type of wood.

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