And the brands we count on show it day after day.

Living on an island with dozens of ports and types of boat means we offer a quality, specialised service that’s able to answer the needs of the nautical sector – in both an individual and professional capacity.

With our track record, we’re now able to offer at least 15,000 types of product – and we’ll never stop studying and evaluating the effectiveness of the brands we work with. When choosing brands, we base our criteria on quality and results. Therefore, the products you’ll find in our stores have gained our trust over the years. And that of our clients. Relying on leading brands, which are also constantly evolving, allows us to offer you plenty of new products and respond effectively to a diverse and wide-ranging market.

In the nautical sector, it’s a privilege to rely on the quality of Hempel, FESTOOL, 3M, PAIBOAT, SIKA and SADIRA. A guarantee that all our clients, individuals and professionals value in boat maintenance.

marca nauticas hempelBN Juliá Pinturas

HEMPEL is the global leader in paints and coatings for the industrial, naval, nautical and decoration markets, making it an indispensable brand in our catalogue.

marca nauticas festoolBN Juliá Pinturas

FESTOOL supply all types of electrical tools and accessories, such as sanding machines especially designed for boats.

marca nauticas 3MBN Juliá Pinturas

3M offer a complete line of professional products specifically formulated for the demands of the nautical market, for both the maintenance and repair of boats.

marca nauticas paiboatBN Juliá Pinturas

PAIBOAT has a wide range of products for maintenance, especially polishes to treat boat surfaces.

marca nauticas sikaBN Juliá Pinturas

SIKA specialise in all types of weatherproofing and sealing products required for good maintenance of boats.

marca nauticas sadiraBN Juliá Pinturas

SADIRA produce a complete range of products for repairing and maintaining boats. Among others, they offer engine oils, polyester resins, epoxy, gel coats, teak and fibreglass treatments etc.

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Who said nothing is done with words? When they are to bring us together and find solutions together, yes. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to offer you technical advice, to assist you in your installations and to solve any question related to painting, nautical painting or decoration. No matter how small (or big) it is, let’s talk!

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