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When it comes to nautical maintenance, it’s easy to lose yourself in a sea of questions (there are that many possibilities!). But at Juliá pinturas y decoración we can answer them. We understand that the effectiveness of each product depends on it being used correctly and on the right surface. For that reason, even though we have a wide range of products from the best brands, it’s important to know which product is the best for which use.

La pintura para barcos no responde sólo a una razón estética (aunque Boat paints don’t just have an aesthetic use. Using them creates a film between the surface and the environment that also protects, is easy to clean and increases safety when navigating. Therefore, painting a boat is an important safety investment that requires special care and bespoke products.

At Juliá pinturas y decoración we always advise on the best product for each surface and the state of it. Fibreglass, steel, all types of wood, the keel, propellers, masts and decks all need different products. Nautical treatments can be grouped into four categories, which we’ll explain in more detail under ‘Products’:

Treatments for osmosis.

Thanks to our team’s knowledge and our tools, we can accurately diagnose and recognise the state of the fibres to determine the best painting system – we are specialists in all types of treatment for osmosis.

Antifouling treatment.

In addition to the best products on the market, we also stock the most cutting-edge, such as silicone antifouling: an excellent, new product that Juliá pinturas y decoración is (nearly) the first to offer.

Topcoat treatments

We offer boat paints and treatments that are for a specific part of the boat. We also have a spectrophotometer that reads the exact colour of the underwater body to reproduce it as a single component, synthetic enamel or as two components (such as polyurethane topcoats).

Treatments for different types of wood

We have sealants, silicones, varnishes and teak oil to treat different wood surfaces, according to their state and characteristics.

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