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If you’re a professional in the decorating, painting or nautical sector, it’s possible we know each other. And if not, we hope it’s only a question of time before we do as we can offer you many benefits of working with Juliá pinturas y decoración.

The years of experience on our shoulders (since we opened Casa Juliá 70 years ago) has allowed us to grow, increase our offering and innovate in line with changes in business needs. We have added products from leading brands to our stock, and we have been pioneers in taking a chance on innovative products to be the ones who always offer the best solution – something professionals have valued and keep on valuing. From painters to builders, decorators, architectural practices, hardware stores and engineers. The trust that’s grown between us is reciprocated given that many collaborate with our company on many levels: by taking part in training or offering services to our clients.

What does Juliá pinturas y decoración offer you as a professional? As well as being able to rely on our team – one of the things that sets us apart – there are many advantages to working with Juliá pinturas y decoración:

  • The best price on professional paints and all products and materials for decorating or nautical painting.
  • A stock of over 15,000 products, with the best and most exclusive brands in Majorca.
  • Opening hours to suit you: we open our store at Polígono de Son Castelló (Palma) at 07:30.
  • Advice and constant communication to resolve queries and order via WhatsApp.
  • Possibility of training and joining our specialised workshops.
  • Possibility of being added to our database through which our clients can use your services.
  • Special discounts on professional paints, paints for facades and our extensive range of products.

If you are a professional, contact us or visit our stores to get to know our services in more detail. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Profesionales Servicio Eficaz Pinturas Juliá

Delivery in 24 hours, in our centres or to your home. Timetable adapted to yours: from 7:30 in our shop in the Polígono de Son Castelló. Orders by Whatsapp at the moment.

Profesionales Gama Productos Pinturas Juliá

We have more than 15000 references in stock with all types of nautical paints, floor paints, intumescent paints, fireproof paints, paints for sports courts, vinyl coatings or parquet.

Profesionales Formación Pinturas Juliá

Quality, efficiency and commitment are achieved through training, seminars and workshops, which we organize for our employees as well as for external professionals and companies.

Intumescent paint


We have the best range of intumescent and flame-retardant products that create fireproof coatings. And the best technical assistance and work monitoring services. Thanks to the Hempel brand, our experience and the knowledge needed in the field of intumescent pain, we have developed systems with the utmost effectiveness: coatings that are fireproof for up to 120 minutes.

It’s done through systems which are approved by current legislation and certified for conditions recommended by us. Therefore, their application to all building work is highly recommended. There are an increasing number of professionals who use our intumescent service as they can rely on its proven results. Resistance for 120 minutes is an undisputable advantage when it comes to guaranteeing safety in buildings and preventing damage from fire.



At Juliá pinturas y decoración we are specialists in professional paints, and floor paints are without doubt one our specialist areas. We have covered floors in many buildings around Majorca.

Our finishing systems for floors are designed to cover any need – technical or aesthetic – and take into account durability, resistance and ease of maintenance.

Our extensive stock is always updated with the latest ranges. That means we always have cutting-edge products and coverings based on different technologies, such as epoxy and polyurethanes, which are the newest to the market.

Our restless spirit also means we take a chance on the latest finishing systems, such as multilayers and anti-slip, and a myriad of style types. Something the professionals we work with value – as well as the quality, durability guarantee, easy maintenance and resistance.



When it comes to tackling a building refurbishment, protect it from the cold and heat, and dress it in its finest, there’s a lot to consider. As well as an aesthetic function, you need to evaluate the protection, repair and weatherproofing of each material.

In the cases where you have to maintain the original aspect of the façade without losing its essence (such as historic and listed buildings), and those where the façade requires a complete change, you have to select the right type of covering, mortar and paint.

The high-quality products that Juliá pinturas y decoración supply professionals with offer all our guarantees and fulfil the needs of every restoration from the start, right through to the final paint, and for all types and states of façades:

  • Repair mortars.
  • Covering mortars.
  • Weatherproofing and polyurethane membranes.
  • Elastic, silicone, pliolite (resin) and acrylic masonry paint.
  • Decorative paint, professional paint.

We reward your loyalty.

A reward that values your trust in our company and our products, which increases with every purchase you make from our wide selection of brands. It’s our Pinta y Puntúa programme – a national loyalty programme that Juliá pinturas y decoración, as a company associated with PYMA*, can offer our professional clients. Claim points at any of the 170 listed stores and start receiving many benefits.**

If you are a professional, we offer you the possibility of joining the programme and start building points, which can be exchanged for gifts, from now, right here.

*PYMA is a company that specialises in the painting and decorating sectors made up of 42 partners, amounting to 170 stores (Juliá pinturas y decoración among them), throughout Spain.

**PYMA sells their own-brand paints and products (PYMA, ROLUX, BRICOLAR, HARMONY…) as well as the largest national and international brands in decorating items, machinery, tools, drugstore products and other materials. The PYMA stamp guarantees the best integrated service in the sector and quality of their own brands made in Spain.

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