The recipe for success of our wholesale service is that simple.

And even though the process to achieve the most efficiency has required even more investment in experience, vision, storage space, resources and staff, it means that today we can offer it safe in the knowledge that you’ll always receive the best results.

Our wholesale service is designed to respond to businesses and professionals in Majorca quickly and efficiently. It’s one of the services that Juliá pinturas y decoración offer which our clients and professionals on the island value the most. The benefits include:

– Access to leading brands within 24 hours
– Delivery throughout Majorca
– Collaboration, which means less cost

Years of experience have allowed us to understand the needs of the market in Majorca, including the professional painting, decorating and nautical sectors. And what sets us apart is a tailor-made wholesale service that’s designed around the real needs of our clients on the island.
We rely on and work exclusively with big brands, which we have selected over the years, to stock a wide and specialised range of products for painting, decorating and boats. As a result, we have a permanent stock offering of over 15,000 goods spread out over our three stores in Majorca. A big advantage is being able to tailor our services around each commercial group, one of the keys to the success of Juliá pinturas y decoración – we’re always here to help.

Servicios Asesoramiento Pinturas Juliá

Our team’s human and professional touch, and personalised advice, has always been one of our hallmarks.

Servicios Entregas A Domicilio Pinturas Juliá

Having a permanent stock of over 15,000 products allows us to respond quickly to our clients in Majorca.

Marcas Exclusivas Pinturas Juliá

Having confidence in the big brands we work exclusively with allows us to offer a high-quality service. What’s more, we have sub-distributors throughout the region.

Let’s talk

Who said nothing is done with words? When they are to bring us together and find solutions together, yes. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to offer you technical advice, to assist you in your installations and to solve any question related to painting, nautical painting or decoration. No matter how small (or big) it is, let’s talk!

Are you looking for a professional for your renovation?

You are just a click away from finding one. Juliá Pinturas y Decoracion puts its expert painters and flooring installers at your service. Because even the best product requires the expert hand of a good professional to obtain optimal results. All you have to do is ask: we will put you in the best hands.

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